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The importance of an online presence

The importance of an online presence

Today’s society is fast and lazy.

Many of us have access to the worldwide web 24/7. Digital has become part of our reality. The web answers our questions, it does our shopping, sparks ideas and opens up a wealth of possibilities. Through a series of simple clicks we can expose ourselves to over a billion websites across the globe.

Without even realising it, the digital age has impacted upon how we communicate. We no longer make that phone call. We send a snapchat or a quick message on Facebook — we even contact potential employers directly through LinkedIn.

Now, more than ever, it is vital that businesses keep up and keep current. An effectual online presence is vital to success.


If the service or product that you’re offering can’t be found instantaneously by the customer — you lose. You’re not credible, you’re not relevant and you weren’t even in the competition.

Despite the obvious threat to business revenue and growth, more than 50% of SME’s have little or no online presence. They don’t invest time in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn even though social media is hailed as one of the best tools for generating business leads and reaching large, diverse audiences. Instead, they continue to rely on good old fashioned word-of-mouth, a technique that subsequently limits brand awareness and stunts business growth.

Creating professional social media accounts isn’t difficult, even if you’re not very technically minded. Social media is a powerful tool that can be utilised free of charge — why wouldn’t you use it? The secret is to keep it simple and use it often.

Many of us would presume that all businesses have a website — even if it’s just a basic one. Well in fact, 25% of small businesses don’t.

So, what’s stopping them? The elements that come together to make a successful website can be a little overwhelming. Many lack the technical experience to create a credible website by themselves and feel that investing in a professional web development agency just isn’t worth it.

Why is a website a fundamental tool?

Impression is everything — especially for a business that’s just starting out. A company without a website may not be viewed as a credible option for clients and customers. Many of them will want to check out your website and see reviews, examples of work and evidence that your company actually exists. Money isn’t parted with very easily. Your website is an opportunity to influence the buyer’s decisions, convince them that they’re spending their money wisely. Without any influence, you’re at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to closing that sale.

Window surfing is no more. People nowadays opt for sofa-surfing shopping from the comfort of their own home. Consumers plan their next purchase or investment through internet search engines — after all Google has all the answers. Think of your website as a doorway on the high street. Would you choose to stay closed when your competitor is open 24 hours a day?

Time is precious. How many hours a day will your business spend answering simple customer enquiries that could have easily been resolved through a FAQ’s page on a website? How long do you spend on sourcing alternative marketing strategies that have little impact?

Investing the time and money into creating a well-designed website populated with captivating content is certainly a good move to make if you’re a small to medium business. It means that you’re in the race. You can be found via a laptop, a tweet, or speculative browse on a mobile phone.

How present is your business?


Do you need help developing your online presence? Having a new website developed and need some captivating content? Do you realise the importance of social media marketing, but simply don’t have the time?

Say hello to us today to find out how we can help your business get noticed.


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