Sales Letter Copywriting

Eye-Catching Copy that Captivates & Converts

Sales Letter Copywriting

Sales Letter Copywriting that Sells

Whether it’s to print and post or to put online, your sales letter should grab your reader’s attention from the get-go. And keep their eyeballs glued to your copy.

To achieve this eyeball adhesive, you need strong sales letter copywriting.

The words you use can make a dramatic difference. The difference between finding your latest literature slumped in the recycle bin or seeing a significant increase in your sales.

Want bell-ringing results? Your direct mail deserves an experienced copywriter practised in writing sales copy. Someone who knows how to tap into your target audience’s pain points, hook a reader with a headline and appeal to your potential customer’s emotions.

According to Royal Mail MarketReach, 60% of people remember ‘the best mail advertising’, as it ’helps keep a sender’s brand top of mind’.

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Direct Marketing that Makes a Dramatic Difference

Direct mail can be a highly effective way to communicate the benefits of your products or services to new or current customers.

Whether you need high-converting copy for a printed sales letter, an email or a landing page, your direct communication will be clear, motivational and generate the urgency you need. So your reader remains engaged, connects emotionally with your copy and acts now.

Written well and in the right way, your direct marketing letter will be a powerful sales tool.

Sales Letter Copywriter
Direct Marketing

Sales Letter Copywriter

Work with a professional copywriter, and you’ll see a significantly higher ROI from your direct mail. And it might be more affordable than you think.

We’ll get to know what you want to achieve, understand your target audience inside and out and provide you with a precise, well-researched, compelling sales letter that will sell.

So, don’t run the risk of dismal direct marketing. Email us today at to work with a sales letter writer and get the right results for your business.

" After I received just the first draft, I knew Laura was going to do a number of other pieces of work for me. She listens to your brief, makes suggestions and delivers as promised every time. I’ve now used her services for multiple case studies and numerous pieces of marketing materials. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Laura’s professional services. "
David Curtis
Sales Director, Monkey Tree Hosting
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