How to make your audience fall in love with your brand

How to make your audience fall in love with your brand

We’ve all been there: a night out with friends and you spot someone who catches your eye. They look totally gorgeous — the shiny hair, the sparkly eyes, the groovy dance moves. So, you shimmy on over to say hello and they’re even more beautiful close up. Wow, you’re in love! But are you?

What happens when they open their mouth and they’re as dull as dishwater? What if when you start chatting you find them frankly self-obsessed and arrogant? You’re fascinated by them, yes, but initial attractions can be fleeting.

So, how do we fall in love? Is it all about looks (surely we’re not that shallow!)? Or, is it someone’s personality that turns an attraction into something more — their captivating conversation, their colourful character, their sunny sense of humour?

Whilst lovely looks and snazzy shoes might catch our eye, it takes more than that to hold our heart. And it’s the same with your business. The same qualities that maintain our interest in a person, are the same qualities that maintain our interest in a brand.

All businesses, regardless of their size, should have a strong brand aimed at attracting the correct customer.

What exactly do we mean by brand?

The word brand is used so often these days, but what does it really mean? It’s just your logo, right? And your corporate colours and graphics?

But your brand is more than just your visual system — it’s every way in which your business’ messages are communicated to others. It’s all of the ways that your customers and prospects form an opinion about your company. Your logo is a very important part of your brand identity — but it is not your brand.

Your brand is created from the impressions your business makes and is communicated by:

Your values

Your logo

Your tagline

Your fonts

Your colours

Your online presence

Your keywords

Your brand voice

Brand voice? What’s that?

A brand voice is created by deciding on the style, tone of voice and terminology that your business is going to use in all of its written content and communications. It expresses the whole personality of your brand and it’s through the expression of your brand’s personality that relationships are built — if your logo is the beating heart of your brand, then your brand voice is certainly its soul.

How does this help to develop your brand?

By giving your brand a consistent voice, you ensure that your core messages are expressed clearly. And it’s a way for your business to differentiate itself from your competition and to engage and motivate those you wish to connect with.

Branding is the representation of your organization as a personality. Branding is who you are that differentiates you. Dave Kerpen – Likeable Media

Give your brand a unique personality that will be the perfect match for your prospects.

Creating an emotional connection

Your brand voice is the soul of your brand. When the initial attraction to your groovy graphics and luxurious logo has passed, it’s the words you use to communicate with and the way you converse with others through your content that will determine if the relationship survives.

Connecting with your customers

Who does your business need to appeal to? Who is your target audience? What sort of style will they respond to?

When creating your brand voice, make sure you adopt a tone of voice and style that will appeal to the audience you are trying to talk to. Create a personality type that will connect with the audience you are trying to reach.

Be consistent with your brand voice and you’ll create familiarity and trust — building brand recognition and a long-lasting love affair with your customers. Developing a strong brand voice is an essential part of your marketing strategy; it’s what will help your business to establish meaningful connections with your customers and will make your audience fall in love with your brand.

Is your brand just lovely looks and snazzy shoes? Do you need a clear, consistent brand voice to help you to connect with your target audience?
If you’d like to chat with us about developing a brand voice for your business, say hello to us today — we’ll have your audience hanging off your every word.

Happy Valentine’s!


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