A new year, a new content strategy

A new year, a new content strategy

So, it’s that time of year again: the time of year we all resolve to be better than we were last year. Half of us have enthusiastically joined the local gym, with the steadfast intention of daily spin classes and the other half have rolled out the yoga mat and dusted off the old NutriBullet.

But what about that blog you intended to start last year, or the one you started with all good gusto and only published a post to twice?

New Year, new content strategy?

Blogging is a bit like healthy eating and exercise: we all know we should be doing it — or more of it at least — but it all seems like a bit too much hassle. And anyway, you can always start on Monday, right? Or maybe the Monday after that…

But, like a healthy lifestyle, the long term benefits of blogging for your business are really worth investing some time and effort in. And the sooner you get started and established the better.


Because a healthy blog goes a long way towards a healthy business.

It tells your prospects your business is alive and kicking; it demonstrates your knowledge, your enthusiasm and your productivity. A blog is also cost effective and relatively easy — the only thing it will really cost you is your time. So, take control of your online presence in 2016 and see the benefits to your business.

Here are our top five reasons why your New Year’s resolution should be to maintain a healthy blog:

Better search visibility

When you add regular blogs to your website, you’re updating your content. And search engines adore new content. Publishing ‘fresh’ content to your website in the form of a regular blog will improve how your site ranks. And this in turn will increase the number of visitors your website receives. Google gold!

The more blog posts you create, the more chances your business has of being picked up for particular keywords too — whether you intentionally distribute them throughout your article or not.

So, don’t let the search engines think your website is irrelevant by letting your content go stale — maintain a blog and you’ll also be maintaining the relevance of your website.

Show your knowledge

Provide a variety of useful, informative articles that your readers can utilise and you’ll create credibility and trust.

Quality and informative blogs demonstrate to your audience that you’re an expert in your field. They create an air of authority around your business, which ensures you’ll be the first port of call when your prospect is ready to buy a product or service that you offer.

Need another reason to get blogging?

Relationship builder

Blogs are also a great way to build quality relationships with your potential customers. They allow connections in the form of comments and replies. And through these interactions you can assess what your customer is thinking and what they really want. A very valuable tool!

By promoting a discussion and engaging in conversations with your readers, these readers are likely to share your posts too – becoming brilliant backers of your business.

Writing a regular blog is also a chance to show your personality; it’s an opportunity to show a human, less formal side to your business. Demonstrating a more informal side will also allow your potential customer to feel more comfortable to approach you when the time comes.


Supercharge your social media

Blogs also create sharing opportunities via social media links — this is a great way to promote your content and increase the visibility of your business.

Your blog articles can be shared on all of your social media platforms. This increases the number of readers your posts will receive, especially if your readers then share them on their own profiles.

Blogs are therefore a great way to support your social media endeavours, as you’re not only posting relevant information created by others, you are able to post your own articles, too. By sharing your own topical and relevant posts, you’ll be regarded with greater respect by those in your social media communities.


More enquires

The more you blog, the more pages you add to your website. And the more pages you add to your website, the more your website is seen and the more leads you’ll receive. Therefore, blogging equals business.

It increases customer engagement, increases enquires and ultimately increases sales!

The more you blog, the greater the exposure for your business. Others will become familiar with your brand more quickly and be more comfortable dealing with your business, rather than approaching an unknown entity.

So, what are you waiting for? Start today! But remember…

A blog is for life, not just for Christmas

A blog is a continuous commitment. And if you can’t commit to keeping it regularly updated, it’s probably best not to bother at all.


Because a poorly maintained blog will send out undesirable signals about your business. It’s a bit like eating a Domino’s in front of the TV whilst wearing your gym gear — it looks well intentioned, but lazy. However, if you can commit either the time and effort, or the budget, into publishing regular and informative blog articles to your website, your efforts will certainly pay off.

So, forget the expensive gym membership, roll up that yoga mat and re-box that NutriBullet — if you only stick with one New Year’s resolution this year, make it your blog!

These are our top five reasons why your business should maintain a healthy blog. If you would have included something different, please let us know in the comments box below! Or, if you’d like to speak with us about your content marketing needs, say hello to us today.

And happy New Year!


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