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5 reasons why you should engage a copywriter

5 reasons why you should engage a copywriter

Do you run your own business? Or do you head up a department?

If so, you’re a great manager, organiser and an expert in your field.

You’re the sort of person who makes things happen, so you’re probably juggling a lot of balls. In other words, you’re busy and simply don’t have time to waste. And this might be just one reason why you’d decide to engage a copywriter.

There are many other reasons why you may call on the services of a copywriter.

Maybe you’re not confident enough in your writing abilities? Maybe you simply don’t have the inclination? Maybe you’ve used the services of a quality copywriter before so know the difference it can make?

Whatever your reasons, employing a quality copywriter to produce captivating copy for you, can have a huge impact on your company’s profile and productivity.

Outsourcing your copywriting needs can be a great investment and time saver, too.

So, if you’re thinking about employing a copywriter to create the copy for your next marketing project, here are five reasons why you should:


A copywriter creates clear, compelling communications

Copywriters know the power of words

Engage a copywriter to write for your business and you’re paying for the services of a talented wordsmith — someone who knows how to make every word count and how to make sure your messages embed in the mind of your reader. And how your messages are presented to your potential customer is key.

Your messages need to be clear and engaging, otherwise your reader will become confused or bored — and you’ve just lost yourself a lead.

Copywriters know the power of words and their particular nuances. And can transform an otherwise standard piece of copy into something that makes the reader sit up and take notice.


A copywriter understands the art of persuasion


It’s true that most people have the ability to write reasonably well, but copywriting is more than being able to string a sentence together.

Copywriting is about being able to use the written word to sell.

The way you go about this depends on the product or service you’re promoting, but the desired goal of any copy is always the same: to sell something.

A good copywriter understands how people tick; they understand how to get an emotional response from the reader and they know what will motivate them into action.

A copywriter is a sales person who uses the written word to persuade, inspire and influence others.


A copywriter is a connection creator


In order to be a great sales person and to get someone to do something, it’s necessary to have the ability to create emotional connections with an audience.

Your business is being marketed to human beings and a copywriter knows how to connect to your target audience emotionally.

We’re all emotional creatures who are moved to action and buying decisions through our emotions.

A copywriter is skilled at creating connections, building relationships and getting the results you want with emotional triggers.


Copywriters are rigorous researchers

Copywriting and research

How can copywriters write such amazing, in-depth copy about so many different industries, products and services?

No, copywriters are not all geniuses with massive brains that would make Einstein envious.

Copywriters all do a lot of one thing: research.

Before any copywriter worth his or her salt picks up a pen or taps a key, they’ll rigorously research your industry and your competitors in order to get a thorough understanding of your business.

They’ll find out what your competitors are doing and decide how best to communicate your messages to have the greatest impact.


A copywriter is an eagled-eyed proofreader

Copywriting and proofreading

Whilst the role of a copywriter and the role of a proofreader are not strictly the same — a copywriter is a creative writer who produces content usually for advertising purposes and a proofreader is an expert in English language who weeds out the grammatical errors in a piece of copy — often these roles overlap.

Many copywriters have proofreading experience or English qualifications and many proofreaders are also great writers with experience of writing advertising copy.

A great copywriter, whatever his or her proofreading qualifications, can spot a misplaced apostrophe or a poorly-structured sentence at 20 paces.

And good English usage matters.

You may have the best products or services in the world, but communicate them with poor spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax and your ideas will lack the credibility they deserve.

So, can you afford not to engage a copywriter?


Do you need someone who can engage your target audience, who can turn readers into customers and who can get real results for your business?

Are you simply too busy to spend time writing captivating and persuasive copy yourself?

Then do the best by your business and say hello to us, today!



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