Alice Charity

We Support Alice Charity

We Support Alice Charity

Alice Charity helps families across Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-Under-Lyme, offering financial and emotional support when times get tough.


Having met the amazing team of women at Alice Charity, who work tirelessly to improve the lives of local families living in poverty, we decided it was time to give something back and joined their business club, Fortunate 500.

It’s shocking to discover that nearly a third of all children living in Stoke-on-Trent, the city where I grew up, went to university and still call home today, are living below the poverty line.

What does Alice Charity do?

Alice Charity provides local families with everything from new household equipment and food parcels to school uniform and parent support.

They offer non-judgemental help and are an open, friendly and caring team. And any local family who finds themselves in crisis can access the services Alice offers.

Many other organisations require families to meet specific criteria, but Alice is inclusive. They make it easy for families to access the help they need — the only condition being that the family live in Stoke-on-Trent or Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

Alice doesn’t receive any government funding and relies entirely on the kindness and support of local individuals and businesses.

Can You Help Alice Charity too?

You can help by donating food, safety equipment or quality, unwanted kitchen appliances. Or why not become a regular supporter by signing up to Family Fiver or Fortunate 500?

Family Fiver

Donate just £5 each month (that’s less than the cost of two coffees from Costa!), and Alice Charity’s Family Support Team can continue to provide critical services to local families in desperate need.

Fortunate 500

From just £10 each month, your business can help our city’s children to reach their full potential — building a stronger, more prosperous community.

Your regular donation will mean a local child has a warm place to sleep, a full belly and will get to school.

Help Alice Charity to support local families living in poverty in your area and help to make a real difference to your community. Visit their website or call 01782 627017 to find out more about the fantastic services they offer or see how you can help.

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