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5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Copywriter

5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Copywriter


I’ve always loved writing. Ever since I could hold a waxed crayon, writing was the way I expressed myself more clearly — to myself and others.

I was the note writer, the diary keeper and the book hoarder. And I still am.

Even now, as a (ahem) thirty-something grown-up, I never fail to be fascinated by the array of meanings, emotions and nuances that twenty-six little letters can create. Or how the cadence of a well-crafted story pulls you along and draws you close.

I love words.

And I love that I’m now paid to write them.

However, as with most, the path to my dream job wasn’t paved with peonies — it was more pitted with potholes and those annoying tiny pebbles that get stuck in the soles of your shoes.

But what I picked up along the way — in customer service, sales, marketing and (very briefly) in teaching — gave me the skills to recognise how people tick. To understand how people are influenced by their emotions, how people connect with ideas, and how to sell those ideas to others using the written word.

Being a copywriter is about far more than having a love of words; it’s about knowing how to use the written word to engage, explain and persuade.

So, here are my top 5 reasons why I love being a copywriter (there are many more, but I know you haven’t got all day):

Every Day is Different

No boring, repetitive days for me. No two days are ever the same in copywriting.

Because I’m often needed for one-off projects, such as writing the copy for a new website or a new brochure, I get to meet new people all the time.

People with exciting businesses, unique stories and a real passion for what they do.

And as the copy is just one part of making marketing magic, I regularly meet and collaborate with brilliant developers, designers and other creative folks too.


Constantly Learning

One day I’m researching and writing about the benefits of oak framed buildings for an oak framing company. And the next, I’m delving into the world of VR and AR technology for an IT firm. No chance of getting bored around here.

And because research is such a huge part of what I do, I’m always learning new things.

Keeps the old grey matter working and keeps my job fresh.

Different Styles

It’s not only a case of researching and writing stuff; great copywriting also requires a clear understanding of a client’s brand.

And different brands demand different writing styles.

The tone of voice used when writing for a funky design company, isn’t the same one used when writing for an accountancy firm. So I don’t only get to write about lots of interesting topics. I get to write in lots of interesting styles too.


Flexibility and Freedom

A large part of my time is spent tapping away at my keyboard. But that doesn’t mean I’m tied to my desk, in my office.

Sometimes a change of scenery helps the words flow. So having the freedom to grab my laptop and work from a cosy corner in a coffee shop is brilliant.


Client Feedback

The only thing that tops doing a job I love is having clients who are mad about my work.

Passing a completed project to a client and receiving fantastic feedback from them is just amazing. And as I get a lot of fantastic feedback, I feel amazing pretty much all the time.

I’ve always loved writing. But nailing a brief and making my clients slap their knees with glee is the real reason I love being a copywriter.

What is it you love about what you do? Fellow copywriters, what’s your favourite thing about writing for a living? Let me know in the box below.


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