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How to Find the Best Content Writer for Your Blog

Every business these days needs a content writer because every business needs content.

You can write yourself, bring someone in-house or outsource to a freelancer or an agency. But with almost 90% of companies utilising content marketing in 2016 and more planning to prioritise content this year, can you afford to miss out on inbound marketing?

If you’re managing to keep your blog furnished with regular, quality content yourself, that’s great — keep going!

But if you’re struggling to find the time to write, aren’t confident in your writing abilities or can’t think what to write about, then maybe you should consider outsourcing your blog writing to a professional content writer.

Blogging for Business  

As I’ve discussed on this blog previously, there are many reasons why you should maintain a quality blog on your website. Here are my top three:

  1. Better search visibility
  2. Show your knowledge
  3. Build relationships

There is no doubt that any one of these will benefit your business in a big way. But planning, writing and editing content for your blog takes time.

Working with a content writer will take away all the hassle of maintaining a quality business blog, leaving you with the valuable time you need to manage your business.

What will a content writer do?

A professional content writer will put together a content plan to ensure your blogs are useful, relevant and topical to your target audience. They will provide you with well-written, engaging, on-brand pieces to post regularly to your website. And will make sure each blog is optimised for the search engines, so your site receives lots of lovely traffic.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a content specialist to look after your business blog, what should you look for? How do you find the best content writer for your blog?

Recommendations and Testimonials

A good content writer will have recommendations and testimonials and will want to show them off. So client testimonials shouldn’t be hard to find when browsing their website.

If you don’t trust written testimonials (they can easily be made up!),  it’s worth checking your potential writer out on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn recommendations are more transparent and should give you the confidence you need. Again, a professional content writer should have several recommendations on LinkedIn from current and previous clients.


It’s true that everyone has to start somewhere. And it is possible to find an inexperienced content writer who can give you some great content.

But on the whole, you’ll want to know the person responsible for creating the content for your business blog has some previous blog writing experience.

Do they write their own blog? Can they provide you with examples of their client work?

A good content specialist will happily show you examples of previous work and explain the brief given.

Style and Personality

While an experienced content writer will be able to change their style and tone of voice to suit your brand, look for that certain something in their work that makes you stop and think.

You want writing that grabs you, holds your attention and generates thought.

No writer will produce copy that reduces you to tears, makes you laugh out loud or causes you to question everything you knew to be true every single time.

But a good content writer will always give you clear, easy-to-comprehend copy. And add colour to their work with a splash of personality.

Understanding of SEO

To do the best by your business blog, your online content writer should be an engaging writer and someone who also understands on-page SEO.

72% of marketers claim content creation is the most effective SEO tactic (Ascend2, 2015), so creating SEO-friendly content for your blog is an absolute must. After all, it’s all very well putting top-notch content on your website, but if nobody’s finding it, what’s the point?

You need a content writer who is up to date with current on-page SEO best practice and can weave the tactics elegantly into their work.

Commitment and Reliability

To write in-depth, informative content for your business, your digital content writer needs to understand your audience. They need to know what makes your prospects tick, what makes their ears prick up, and what makes them act.

A great content writer will commit to researching and understanding your target audience on an on-going basis, so every piece of your content counts.

Working with a reliable web writer will do wonders for your business They’ll give you great content, great online visibility and great results — you’ll just wish you’d found them sooner!

If you’d like to chat with me to find out more about how quality content can help catapult your business, give me a call on 01782 914155. Or connect with me on LinkedIn — I’d love to hear from you.


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