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Why You Need Website Copywriting Services for Your New Site

Website copywriting services aren’t necessarily the first thing to spring to mind when you think about having a new site. It’s usually the design. With its glitzy graphics and fantastic fonts, design has always been copy’s more glamorous cousin. Design sashays into the party the best dressed and most adored, while copy sits quietly in the corner—ever the intelligent wallflower full of clever conversation and searching for connection.  

Now, don’t get me wrong, design should be appreciated. It’s an essential part of any website and marketing in general. It is, after all, what draws the eye—but beautiful design alone won’t keep your customer’s attention or get them to do what you want.  

Only the words you put on your website will do that.

It’s the copy that will create the connection with your reader, keep their eyeballs glued to your site and compel them to get in touch.

Can I Write the Website Content Myself?

It may well be that you’re a decent writer with plenty of marketing know-how, a grasp of psychology and a solid understanding of on-page SEO. You may also have plenty of spare time to sit down and dedicate the hours needed to do your website justice. If that’s the case, save yourself some money and write the content yourself. But, if not, you’ll want to think about getting in touch with a professional copywriter.

A professional copywriter will take all the hours of staring at a blank screen and hair pulling off your hands. And give you back the time to concentrate your efforts on more important things, like running your business and bagging those sales.

Hiring a copywriter to write the content for your new site will also help raise your company’s profile and drive sales. How? Because copywriting isn’t just writing. It’s writing to sell. Brilliant copy will connect with your target customer and convince them they can’t possibly continue without the product or service you offer.

Paying a professional to put the right words on your website will pay for itself tenfold and more.

Considering outsourcing the content writing for your new website? Call us for a chat about what you need today on 01782 914166.

How our Website Copywriting Services Work

  • Outsourcing your web content to us couldn’t be easier. Just give us a call, we’ll have a chat about what you need and what you want to achieve, and we’ll give you a fixed price quotation. So you’ll know exactly what you’re paying from the get-go.

  • We ask all new clients to complete a copywriting brief. You’ll need to answer questions about your business, your competitors, and your target audience. This gives us valuable insight into your ambitions and a strong starting point for our research.

  • So we can get your project booked in, we ask for a 50% deposit and then agree on a date when you’ll receive a draft of your web content.

  • On the agreed date, your content will land in your inbox. If you need changes, just let us know, and we’ll make them for you. Or if you think it’s perfect as it is, you’re good to go.

  • When you’re happy with your web content, we’ll send over your final invoice. On payment, full copyright is transferred over to you, and you’re free to publish the content to your new site.

  • And that’s it. Just sit back, relax and watch your fab new site do its thing.

Whether you need content for powerful product pages, optimised copy for your whole site, or blog articles that build authority, our copywriting services will help bring more browsers to your site and convert more prospects into customers.

As increasing numbers of people search for the products or services they need online, the words you use on your website have never been more critical to the success of your business. To have a chat about the website copywriting services you need, email us today at Or head over here to fill out the form or give us a call on 01782 914166.

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